1994 Demo

by Wacko-Hed

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released July 7, 1994



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Wacko-Hed Annandale, Virginia

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Track Name: I'm Late for Mass
Fishing for trout
Fishing for bass
Oh shoot! It makes me shout!
I’m late for Mass!

I guess I’ll have to go to 12 o’clock
I’m late for Mass!
What a shock!
I’m late for Mass!

I’ll have to dash to Mass if I want to make it there before the first reading
But then I fell down and my knee started bleeding
I’m late for Mass!

Then I (k)needed a band-aid
But then the box started to fade
I’m late for Mass!
Oh yeah! Whoa! Oh shoot! That stinks!
Darn oh darn!

It faded because of a wizard
Who had hurt his elbow
Then I saw a great big blizzard
Who wished it would snow?
I’m late for Mass!

If it snowed I’d be really late for Mass
But then I saw loads and loads and loads and loads of snow up ahead
This is what I said:
“I’m late for Mass”

The next thing I knew
The wind blew
Me around Main Street
It blew me off my feet
I never landed on my feet
I’m late for Mass
Oh yeah! Whoa! Oh shoot! That stinks!
Darn oh darn!

That was the story of me being late for Mass
And I never got my band-aids back
So I bought another stack
Of band-aids I did go to 12 o’clock Mass
I did catch many lots of bass
I was late for Mass
Yeah! Oh Yeah!

I’m late for Mass!
Oh yeah! Whoa! Oh shoot! That stinks!
Darn oh darn!
Track Name: I Like My Shampoo
I Like My Shampoo

I like some things
But some things I don’t like
Like for instance I like to dance
But I don’t like to when I have pants
I like jumping in a puddle
Don’t like potatoes
I like my tacos
I like my Spaghettios
And I love the O’s

I like my shampoo
I love my hair-do
I love to share dude
I love my dog food
And I like to eat it too
I really like you
But not if you eat human food!
I love my pretty shoes
I love my shampoo
I love to share dude
Yeah! Whoa!

I like baseball
I don’t like breaking laws
I like running in the halls
And I like doing math
I like kicking bass
I don’t like dogs
But I really love hot