Ebola Monkey Fros

by Wacko-Hed

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released July 7, 1995



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Wacko-Hed Annandale, Virginia

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Track Name: Wacko-Hed Theme Song
Wacko-Hed Theme Song (Math/Ben)

If you like to mosh with ebolas
If you’re loco like a monkey
If you like to drink coca-colas
If you can dance and groove real funky
Have we got a band for you…

Large mad cow
Fat eyebrow
Tell me how

Busted spleens
Brain’s a bean
Teeth are green

Ebola power
Thorny flower
Half an hour

There’s never ever ever been a band like Wacko-Hed
It’s time for Wacko-Hed
Track Name: Granny, Granny
Granny, Granny (Math)

Granny Granny I’m hungry
Granny said please don’t eat me
Granny Granny but I’m a wolf
Granny Granny I’m a werewolf
Granny Granny here we go
Granny Granny I’ve picked out my fro


Granny Granny a boo-hoo-oh
Granny Granny I have a big fro
Granny Granny me me me
Granny Granny I have large feet
Granny Granny I have tons of hair
Granny Granny I’m as fierce as a bear


Granny Granny I’m coming in now
Granny Granny you better watch out
Granny Granny you’re going in my tummy
Granny Granny mm that was yummy


Granny Granny I’m a wolf wolf wolf wolf!

Granny Granny I see your last hope
Granny Granny this can’t be so
Granny Granny you’re free at last
Granny Granny now I have passed
Granny Granny you’re the luckiest duck
Granny Granny this is just my luck

Track Name: Ode to Fros
Ode to Fros (Ben)

I like them big big fros I dig
I like to grow my tiny fro
Soon it will be large kind of like Marge
Simpson that is good fros do not frizz
One day you will know that I have a fro
Track Name: Elizabeth's Thoughts
Elizabeth’s Thoughts (Liz)

I am thinking Mommy and Grandmom cooking Thanksgiving dinner
I’m thinking about Eric at basketball practice
In the Bible I do not like the wicked people
I like Noah the best and I thought he was nice

Sweet Elizabeth what’s on your mind?
Sweet Elizabeth what can you find?
Track Name: Loco Ben
Loco Ben (Ben)

Just cos I’m loco doesn’t mean I’m going insane

See most don’t understand my style
I wear loco clothes go run a mile
But as you see my style requires a brain
Some people say that I’m going insane

Just cos I’m loco doesn’t mean I’m going insane

I may be square or even bland
Every now and then I may need a hand
But understand I’m in a band
I rap for the man

Just cos I’m loco doesn’t mean I’m going insane

Now while your impression of me might be hazy
You might think that I’m going crazy
But to the wise it sure is plain
It doesn’t mean that I’m going insane
Track Name: Ebola Monkey Fros
Ebola Monkey Fros (Math)

Wacko-Hed rules
Ebola monkey fros
Ebola power
Track Name: Dance to the Beat
Dance to the Beat (Jack/Math)

Hip hip hip hip hey yeah!
Do the funky beat
Dance on your feet
Listen to the beet
Lay do on your back
My name is Jack!
My brother broke his back

[Chorus]: Dance to the beat
Dance all night
In the spotlight
Dance to the beat

Hip hip hip hip hey yeah!
Come on and dance
Keep up your pants
Yesterday a dude came along
He said I don’t like your dance or your song
Please don’t sing
I said I don’t care what you think


Hip hip hip hip hey yeah!
You can dance all day
No one can tell you no way
You can dance in the dark
Even in a park
You can dance with a king
Then you can sing

Dance to the beat
Dance all day no one can tell you no way

Dance to the beat!
Just dance!
Track Name: One Revolution
One Revolution (Ben)

One scarecrow the savior tells us all
Warns us of the fall

With too much homicide abortion prostitution
All I want’s one revolution baby yeah!

Gives us all we got
Take all away their pot

Too much dying suicide pollution
All I want’s one revolution baby yeah!

Truth trust look in his eye
Make me want to cry